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Blending Inclusive Marketing, Strategic Storytelling and Innovation to Deliver Meaningful and Measurable Results

Boosting Bottom Lines and Resonating with Diverse Audiences

We specialize in integrating inclusive marketing, strategic storytelling and persuasion to deliver meaningful and measurable results for your business. With a focus on creating connections that transcend barriers, we ensure brands reach and resonate with all corners of the market.

Founded in 2011, our experienced team of copywriting and marketing communications professionals has earned a strong reputation for delivering marketing consulting services that yield meaningful and measurable results.

Over the years, we have helped brands generate an impressive $100 million in revenue, and we’re thrilled to help your organization achieve similar success.

Tech companies, professional services firms, creative agencies, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 brands have all relied on our expertise for over a decade.

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Meet Apryl Beverly, President and Lead Marketing Consultant

With a lifelong passion for words, Apryl’s talent for crafting strategic sales stories, inclusive marketing campaigns, and using persuasion to boost conversion rates and win lucrative contracts is unparalleled. Her creativity, way with words, and ability to make communications concepts relatable and understandable sets her apart in the industry.

Alongside our team of 10 magical copywriters, editors, and project managers, we deliver excellence at every turn.

When you partner with BAAB Writing and Marketing Services, you can expect a headache-free and enjoyable experience. We listen, understand, and align with our clients’ goals to deliver unprecedented results.

With Apryl’s best-selling book, “Shots Fired: How to Write Copy That Pierces Hearts and Opens Wallets,” and her availability for consulting or speaking opportunities, you can step inside her brain and unlock the secrets of strategic storytelling, impactful communications tactics and inclusive marketing techniques.

Trust us to be your behind-the-scenes magic makers, turning sentences into sales, curating marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, and taking your business to new heights.

We take a meticulous approach to proposal management, ensuring we notice and address every nuanced detail. We have a proven track record of successfully navigating complex RFPs and crafting winning proposals that stand out. With an acute understanding of the proposal process and a knack for collaborating with subject matter experts, we strategically position organizations to maximize opportunities and secure lucrative contracts.

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