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Blending Human Creativity with Culturally Smart AI-Powered Content to Deliver Meaningful and Measurable Results

Boosting Bottom Lines and Resonating with Diverse Audiences

BAAB Writing and Marketing Services (BAAB) is a national sales and copywriting services platform dedicated to leveling the playing field for small to midsize founders and creatives with annual revenues up to $3 million.

Our services include crafting compelling website copy, sales emails, social media posts and other content to market, promote and sell business services. We also offer copywriting training and educational courses and an AI software subscription-based platform. We specialize in supporting brands that serve diverse, multicultural audiences and communities.

The current economic client is putting immense pressure on self-funded founders and creatives. Rising costs of supplies, inventory, advertising, marketing, employee salaries, and other business expenses are making it difficult for founders and creatives to stay afloat and serve the audiences they support.

We help alleviate these struggles by flooding brands with top-notch sales and content marketing support that fuels their visibility, sales and profitability.

Over 1,000 businesses have used our content to generate $3 billion in revenue. We offer the sales and marketing content resources and strategies brands need to continue serving their diverse audiences and providing for their families.

Through our services, brands gain access to a top-ranked team of copywriters, content editors and culturally intelligent AI copywriting technology. This blend of human and AI content support allows us to create viral content marketing strategies and craft revenue-generating sales and marketing content tailored to each client’s unique needs at a fast pace.

At BAAB, we are dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and helping brands succeed in a competitive marketplace, despite economic challenges. Our clients see an average of 10 times growth in audience engagement, brand awareness and sales. With your support, we look forward to helping even more small to midsize brands thrive.

Our clients include law firms, tech companies, consulting firms, advertising agencies, government entities and small to midsize brands all focused on making the world a better place.

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Meet Apryl Beverly, President, AI Consultant & Founder and Lead Content Strategist

When I kicked off BAAB back in 2011, my ambitions were straightforward – cover my car note, soak up time with my newborn son, and equip underrepresented entrepreneurs with the sales and marketing content they needed to flourish.

I started by teaching business plan writing at the local Urban League, guiding over 100 aspiring owners, including those who launched businesses like a carpentry company, fitness center, and bed and breakfast. Fast forward 13 years, and that modest beginning has blossomed into a nationwide mission advocating for diverse business owners.

Today, BAAB Writing and Marketing Services delivers a wide range of culturally tailored copywriting and content marketing services to level the playing field for minority founders, creatives, and multicultural brands. We offer website copy, email campaigns, social media content, copywriting training, RFP responses, technical writing, content marketing strategy and our latest flagship product – PRO, which stands for Pitch. Respond. Offer.

PRO isn’t just any software. It’s a groundbreaking AI tool that crafts authentic, persuasive content tailored for diverse audiences. PRO is designed to deeply understand and respect cultural nuances, making it a pioneer in the content creation industry.

Since those early days at the Urban League, BAAB has empowered over 1,000 businesses serving diverse markets to generate $3 billion through our inclusive, culturally smart sales and marketing content strategies.

My motivation comes from creating an empowerment pipeline for passionate minority entrepreneurs to break barriers and reach their full potential. In addition to our services, I offer free training to minority/women business owners, efforts that were recently recognized with a Game Changer of the Year award.

Everything I do links back to service and a deep-rooted desire to see other business owners win. It’s not just about leveling the playing field; it’s also about creating a new game where everyone has an equal shot at success.

Because when one of us wins, we all win. With a lifelong passion for words, my talent for crafting strategic sales stories, inclusive marketing campaigns, and using persuasion to boost conversion rates and win lucrative contracts is unparalleled. My creativity, way with words, and ability to make communications concepts relatable and understandable sets me apart in the industry.

Alongside our team of experienced copywriters, editors and project managers, we deliver excellence at every turn.

When you partner with BAAB, you can expect a headache-free and enjoyable experience. We listen, understand and align with our clients’ goals to deliver unprecedented results.

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