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Driving Effective Communications to the Forefront with AI, Inclusive Marketing, and Innovative Strategies

Elevating Results with Innovative Marketing Training

With a rich history of empowering diverse voices, our expertise in sales + marketing training features intentional, future-proof strategies that ensure messaging reflects the real world and real people. We teach brands how to showcase their companies in a positive light by choosing words and visuals that avoid and challenge stereotypes.  We also are trained AI prompt engineers who teach marketing teams how to merge the power of AI innovations with creative marketing tactics.

Apryl Beverly has facilitated transformative marketing training workshops for esteemed organizations such as Hyland Software, The Ohio State University, The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, FutureLAND, The Henry County Chamber of Commerce, Southern Crescent Women in Business, and many others.

Through her marketing training, she leads our efforts in bringing impactful communication strategies to the forefront, creating a powerful ripple effect that elevates representation, innovation and inclusivity in every aspect.

Contact us today to discuss how we can conduct marketing training workshops that help your brand appeal to a larger audience, boost revenue and tap into the power of AI.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Apryl's marketing and copywriting skills a 10!

“Apryl provided copywriting expertise for a redesigned and updated website for our financial services firm. She was always professional, met all deadlines and produced excellent work. Our industry and product can be nuanced, but Apryl had no trouble getting up to speed quickly, doing the necessary background and research to hit the ground running on the project. I would have no hesitation in working with Apryl in the future.”

Brendan Hughes, Marketing Director, Equity Trust Company

Corporate Training and Workshop Topics

Below is a sampling of popular marketing training workshops Apryl facilitates. As always, we’re happy to customize these topics to fit your team’s needs and your organization’s industry, ensuring immediate applicability and long-term benefits.

AI Marketing Training

AI Empowered: Mastering AI-Driven Marketing and Sales Content Creation

This workshop equips marketing professionals with the knowledge and tools to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) prompts to draft promotional, marketing and sales content.

It’s a unique chance to merge the transformative power of AI in crafting persuasive and data-driven content with the natural creativity of marketing professionals, enabling enhanced customer engagement and catalyzing business growth.

RFP Response Process Training

Winning the Bid: Gaining Proficiency in Proposal Management

In this marketing training, teams will learn the nuances of developing winning RFP responses and pitch proposals with a keen eye for detail.

Participants will gain insights into the art of storytelling in proposals and how to strategically position their organization, giving them a competitive edge in the bid process.

Inclusive Marketing Training

Diversity Amplified: Crafting Inclusive Marketing Strategies

This marketing training workshop empowers teams to create marketing strategies that resonate with a broad, diverse audience.

It’s an opportunity to learn how to connect authentically with different market segments, fostering inclusivity while driving the organization’s growth.

Communication Training

Communicating with Confidence

This marketing training guides participants on building confidence in both internal and external communication.

From speaking up in meetings and giving presentations, to negotiating with clients and handling difficult conversations, attendees will learn how to communicate assertively and effectively. This training can be tailored to address specific communication challenges faced by your team in their day-to-day interactions.

Copywriting + Sales Messaging Training

Words that Work: Mastering Business Copywriting

This marketing training aims to enhance your team’s ability to write persuasive, engaging copy across various platforms.

By understanding the nuances of tone, style, and structure, participants will learn how to craft messages that not only grab attention, but also drive action and engagement.

What To Expect

Apryl is just as lively and full of information in person as she is online.

“Apryl continues to deliver highly informative classes, tips and resources to help you craft your marketing pieces in such a way that propels your ideal audience to buy. I recently had the pleasure to share the stage with her and she is just as lively and full of information in person as she is online. If you’re ready to write copy that speaks to your clients and moves them to grab their wallets…Apryl is the one for you.”

- Anita Charlot, Senior Business Relationship Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Our President, Apryl Beverly, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing. With over two decades of experience in marketing and proposal management, she’s worked with various organizations, helping them develop inclusive marketing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. Some of her past projects have included launching successful inclusive marketing campaigns for global companies and guiding businesses in winning multimillion-dollar proposal bids.  Add something about the team.

We’ve supported numerous government-funded organizations in navigating the complexities of the government procurement process. Our strategy involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of your company’s strengths and areas for improvement, understanding the specific requirements of the bid, and crafting a persuasive proposal.

We’ll also work on positioning your brand effectively to demonstrate its alignment with government objectives, employing clear, concise, and compelling language that will resonate with government decision-makers.

We offer a variety of workshops aimed at enhancing communication skills within organizations. These range from effective business writing and public speaking to inclusive marketing and proposal management. Each workshop is interactive and designed to provide practical skills that participants can immediately apply in their roles. The benefits for your company would include increased team collaboration, improved customer interactions, and potentially a significant boost to your company’s bottom line.

Certainly. We provide a range of copywriting services that include writing and editing website content, blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and press releases. We create engaging, persuasive copy that not only attracts but also resonates with your target audience. For instance, we recently helped a travel company effectively convey its unique value proposition, resulting in a 30% increase in site traffic and a significant uptick in conversion rates.

We set clear, measurable goals at the outset of any consulting engagement. Depending on the specific project, this could mean metrics like increased engagement rates, successful contract bids, improved team communication metrics, and others. For example, with our proposal management clients, a key indicator of success is the rate of winning bids. For clients seeking communication training, I often use pre- and post-assessment surveys to gauge improvements in communication skills. Ultimately, we aim to deliver a significant return on your investment in my consulting services.

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