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Collaborating with Leading Brands + Standing Strong as a Diversity Supplier and Partner

A Nationally Recognized, Minority-Owned, Certified WBE with AI Consulting and Content Marketing Expertise

As a nationally recognized, minority-owned, and certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), BAAB Writing and Marketing Services brings a unique advantage to government contracts. We’re not just a marketing  and technical writing partner; we’re a fresh perspective, a new voice and a dynamic force in the industry.

Our unique blend of skills includes inclusive marketing, technical writing, proposal management, consulting, persuasive copywriting, and a deep understanding of AI. As an in-demand AI consultant, we’ve built the first-ever culturally smart AI copywriting tool, ensuring our strategies are not just current, but future-ready.

We understand the intricacies of different cultures and demographics, allowing us to effectively connect with underserved communities. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion aligns with the government’s goals of promoting equity and accessibility, positioning us as a key player in strengthening the government’s outreach efforts and fostering meaningful connections with various constituents.

Whether it’s crafting compelling brand stories and sales messages, developing strategic proposals, or engaging diverse audiences, we bring a proven track record and commitment to excellence to every project. With us as your diversity supplier and marketing ally, we’ll ignite innovation and inclusivity in every endeavor.

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Apryl helped us close one of our largest contracts with a Big Ten University to date!

“Apryl helped us close one of our largest contracts with a Big Ten University to date! She demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism from the first phone call. She not only helped us complete the project, but she managed the project and helped us to stay organized from start to finish. She was experienced, efficient, creative and thorough. The end results were excellent, we finished on time and have used her services again since then. I appreciate her services and look forward to working with her on future projects. I highly recommend her.”

– Rula Hanania, President, Smile Promotions

Client results include:

  • Serving as Lead Inclusive Marketing Consultant in crafting culturally relevant marketing booklets highlighting Serving as Lead Inclusive Marketing Consultant in crafting culturally relevant marketing booklets highlighting the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts of several large corporate law firms.
  • Developing highly technical RFP responses that secured several state-funded, multi-million-dollar awards using proven sales and marketing strategies, insights and proposal development tactics.
  • Facilitating strategic storytelling and communications training sessions and workshops for women professionals, Black-owned business owners and underserved communities for various organizations, including Hyland Software, The Ohio State University, The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, FutureLAND, The Henry County Chamber of Commerce, Southern Crescent Women in Business and more.


Apryl consulted on a critical proposal for which we were awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding.

“Let me first commend Apryl on the work that she’s done to this proposal. Her expertise in writing in truly a gift; I saw the vision from the collaboration from the first draft she sent our way. I knew the panel of people grading our proposal would be wowed and I was right! We ended up being awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding from this project.”

– Michael Davis, V.P. of Business Development & Facility Operations, Akron Urban League


Our President, Apryl Beverly, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing. With over two decades of experience in marketing and proposal management, she’s worked with various organizations, helping them develop inclusive marketing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. Some of her past projects have included launching successful inclusive marketing campaigns for global companies and guiding businesses in winning multimillion-dollar proposal bids.  Add something about the team.

We’ve supported numerous government-funded organizations in navigating the complexities of the government procurement process. Our strategy involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of your company’s strengths and areas for improvement, understanding the specific requirements of the bid, and crafting a persuasive proposal.

We’ll also work on positioning your brand effectively to demonstrate its alignment with government objectives, employing clear, concise, and compelling language that will resonate with government decision-makers.

We offer a variety of workshops aimed at enhancing communication skills within organizations. These range from effective business writing and public speaking to inclusive marketing and proposal management. Each workshop is interactive and designed to provide practical skills that participants can immediately apply in their roles. The benefits for your company would include increased team collaboration, improved customer interactions, and potentially a significant boost to your company’s bottom line.

Certainly. We provide a range of copywriting services that include writing and editing website content, blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and press releases. We create engaging, persuasive copy that not only attracts but also resonates with your target audience. For instance, we recently helped a travel company effectively convey its unique value proposition, resulting in a 30% increase in site traffic and a significant uptick in conversion rates.

We set clear, measurable goals at the outset of any consulting engagement. Depending on the specific project, this could mean metrics like increased engagement rates, successful contract bids, improved team communication metrics, and others. For example, with our proposal management clients, a key indicator of success is the rate of winning bids. For clients seeking communication training, I often use pre- and post-assessment surveys to gauge improvements in communication skills. Ultimately, we aim to deliver a significant return on your investment in my consulting services.

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