Yes, people are up to their eyeballs in words. But you have an unfair advantage:

You have a brand that’s ALL YOU. Your personality makes a powerful statement. headshot

All you gotta do is use it.

No more lifeless, boring content.

No more confused readers.

No more stringing words together without the confidence and authority to propel people to take action.

It’s time to wake up people’s enthusiasm, and get them talking and motivated to whip out their credit cards and smack the buy button.

When you want to blow people away with your words and have them busting open their wallets (and break dancing in the boardroom), give me a shout.

My First Taste of Persuasion

At the age of 4, I crafted my first-ever convincing story titled “Why I Need Tropical Barbie.” What I lacked in grammatical prowess I made up in literary greatness. It took my mom a week to break down and buy the Barbie, which she said was a testament to my way with words.

I desperately wanted to persuade more people.

I earned a BA in journalism/public relations from the Ohio State University. To get extra cash for books, I beat out other students in essay contests and dabbled as a freelance writer for local magazines.

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Ok, where were we? Ohhh, back to the story …

Sooo, I began to understand the value of a great sentence.

After graduating, I landed an amazing job as a public relations assistant for a firm in Cleveland, Ohio. I learned marketing inside and out writing press releases, radio and print ad copy, and brochures for big-name clients like McDonald’s and the Cleveland Browns.

From there, I started a career in corporate communications and enjoyed the challenge of putting the right words on paper to engage audiences and help Allstate Insurance, global law firm Squire Sanders and international smart meter company Aclara Technologies generate hundreds of millions in revenue! I loved my work. My heart was called back to school to enhance my skills, and in 2005, I earned an MBA in marketing.

I fell even more in love with words.

In 2011, I started my career as a freelance writer. What began as a side hustle became my main gig as I took on the role of communications strategist for hire and helped large and small businesses and passionate entrepreneurs figure out what content would best serve their goals of attracting better clients + making more money.

After getting serious about making money as a freelance writer, I came up with a ‘Boss Lady’ name for my venture. I chose BAAB Writing in honor of myself and my three loves: my hubby Bakari, Apryl, our son Alston and our Maltese Biggie. They inspire me to inhale grace and exhale love in everything I do.

Much love + gratitude,

Apryl Beverly, freelance writer, copywriter





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